Who We Are

Refugee Aid support people who are experiencing physical & emotional hardships through loss of home, belongings & family.
Refugee Aid is a Penzance born organisation with a mission to take support to refugees where it is most needed, without any large organisational costs. The donations we receive go to the families and children that are suffering in the wake of war, ecological disasters and political tyranny. Many people have expressed a feeling of helplessness when watching terrible situations unfold on television and in the press. You can actively help Refugee Aid through your donations, and spreading the word about our events and auctions. We have been involved in many projects, more recently in Calais. Refugee Aid raises the core costs, associated with the trips and are looking for additional cash donations or in kind contributions. We are populating our new website with new and old stories about our mission. Please get in touch if you want to get involved. We would love to hear from you.

Our Story

Refugee Aid was started after the Green Gathering 2015, where the two founders met small groups who were already delivering aid to Calais. Inspired by the direct action...

Our News

Refugee Aid shares up to date news and events happening to help support our cause. Follow our blog journal for all up-to-date news, press, videos and events.

Our Choices

There are many causes that need your help, you can raise your funds for a cause that you care or give your donations by participating directly in our charity events....

To all the wonderful people who attended our events; who were instrumental in organising our projects; and being there for us by donating their time in 2016 – all of us here at Refugee Aid would like to say a massive thank you for your generous donations to help towards the crisis and your precious time in this matter. Refugee Aid appreciates your continuing support and we couldn't do it without you.